New Facebook “Your account has been blocked!” scam

Another Facebook spam pretending that the viewers account has been blocked is currently circulating on the Internet. The subject is:
“Facebook Service# Your account has been blocked! Order/8236”.

The email comes with an attachment called ‘’.

The zip file contains an executable file ‘New_Password.exe’, which tries to fool the victim by posing as a Microsoft Word document. You should never trust a file by its icon so always pay attention to the file extension instead. Also make sure that Windows Explorer is set to show file extensions.

Upon execution this file infects the computer and successfully installs a rogueware known as System Restore.

If you come across such an email do not open the attachment. Instead, delete the email and keep your antivirus updated. Quick Heal detects the malicious attached file as Trojan.Menti.iohe so our users are already protected.
We recommend that users do not open such attachments from any unknown emails.

Anand Yadav

Anand Yadav

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