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While the entire world is doused in love and mushy feelings on Valentine’s Day, cybercriminals are busy wrapping their evil plans. And in our ongoing effort to jeopardize all such plans, we are giving you a recap of some blog posts with the most insightful tips on online safety.



Quick Heal Advanced Behavior Based Malware Detection System
In this post, we introduced our readers to the Advanced Behavior Based Malware Detection System of the Quick Heal 2014 series. Here, we discussed how this technology helps detect and stop new and even the most sophisticated malware threat on the Internet, such as ransomware.

Common Facebook Scams You Need to Know About
Almost all our readers could connect to what was discussed in this post. Here, we gave a quick insight into certain types of scams targeted towards Facebook users. These included celebrity death scams, shocking video scams, fake Facebook app scams, and fake virus warning scams.

A Layman’s Glossary of Computer Security Threats – Part 1
We have been keeping our readers updated about the latest IT security incidents and sharing helpful tips on online safety and to fight internet crime. But fighting internet crime begins by knowing who all are involved in the crime and thus we came up with this glossary on computer security threats.

Data Privacy Day – Let’s Give Some Privacy to Privacy
In this post, we brought together some basic and essential tips people must consider to protect their data and privacy online. Data is important; it is that one cog, which if misused, can bring an entire organization down to its knees.

WhatsApp Hoax (fake) Messages Doing the Rounds Again
This post brought to light an important issue that was rampant at one point of time. Fake messages about WhatsApp shutting on so and so date were actively circulated on the messenger. And it was not surprising to know that unware users inadvertently got involved in the circulation. Although we have not come across such hoax messages off late, we will get to see some activity again in the near future.

Attackers trick victims into calling them back on premium-rate numbers
In this post, our security researcher discussed ‘Wangiri’, a scam that is believed to have originated in Japan. In this scam, the victim is given a missed call. And if the victim calls back, they are charged heavily and the booty goes to the scammer.

Protect your Android with Quick Heal Total Security
Given the growing menace of Android malware, we presented to our readers with a quick overview on the beneficial features of Quick Heal Total Security.

How to Recover your Money if your Bank Account is Hacked or your Card Details are Stolen
In this post, our CTO gave an insight on measures one must take when their bank account gets hacked. The post also included measures that can be taken to recover lost money from a hacked account.

India – the 4th Most Targeted Nation by Phishers!
Here, we touched upon a critical issue businesses in India are facing – large scale phishing attacks. India happens to be the 4t most targeted nation by phishers, preceded by the UK, Germany, and the US.

That would be all for the quick recap of some interesting IT security stories. If you happened to miss any one of these, then please go ahead and help yourself with the intel. Stay updated, stay safe!

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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