Microsoft Launched the Internet Explorer -9

Hey All, Microsoft has worked diligently in the area of online privacy and Web tracking protection to propose industry solutions and to adopt the proposals of others to further the ability of industry self-regulation.

Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer-9 having following improvements.

Fast: With IE9, the Web delivers a new level of performance by unlocking the power of the PC hardware through Windows. More performance improvements, especially on low-end machines.
For example, Microsoft did additional tuning for low-end GPUs, where we will find that the Speed Reading test drive is even faster.

Clean: With IE9, consumers can keep sites at the center of their browsing experience, pinning them to the taskbar and interacting with them the same way they do applications. Microsoft has improved site pinning with multiple pinned targets per page. Now, a site can offer users the ability to pin a site on another domain.
For example, a company with four distinct properties can offer all of them for pinning on one page.

Trusted: IE9 offers industry-leading protections (like Smart Screen) for the real-world threats (such as malicious sites and phishing scams) that consumers face every day on a sometimes-hostile Web. Also made a variety of improvements to Tracking Protection.
For example, Microsoft has added a link in the product to a gallery of Tracking Protection Lists to improve discoverability, and enabled ActiveX controls like Adobe Flash to participate in Tracking Protection.

Interoperable: With hardware-accelerated HTML5, developers can use the same markup across browsers to deliver a new class of Web experiences that feel more like apps than sites and addressed many issues that the community reported.

To start experiencing a more beautiful web with IE9 and to visit a small set of the top 250 web-sites globally that have created a more beautiful experiences for all of us with IE9, go to

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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