Its been happening… and have not stopped yet

A few days back we got reports that Japanese McDonald’s customers
got Trojan.QQPass with the free MP3 player they won. The MP3 player
were loaded with free 10 songs and additionally the Trojan.QQPass


Now the Windows Video iPod, owners of Windows iPod purchased from
the batch released after September might have “Worm.Rjump” preloaded
on their iPods. According to the manufacture Apple, 1% of the Video
iPod available are carrying the windows Trojan executable “RavMonE.exe”.

For more info visit
Apple Support

Quick Heal already detects and remove this worm by the name “Worm.Rjump.a”. Conclusion just as many people learnt the hard way that stamped product/magazine
CDs can have infection so is the case with hardware
device like ipod, cell phone and lots of new generation gadgets.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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