Identity theft through spam mail

I received this mail yesterday. Few points to note about the mail are:
The From field (which is blackened out) tries to portray a genuine name.
The To field suggests that the mail may not be directed to me alone which is contradictory to the mail body which proposes the deal to me.
The Subject field prompts me to reply urgently.
The mail body is well composed. The first paragraph tries to prove the genuineness of the sender by providing a legitimate link to the merger news. The second paragraph sets up a background again by providing a legitimate link to the plane crash news. The third and the final paragraph lures by offering a percentage partnership but at the cost of personal information (full name, address, age, occupation, telephone and fax numbers).

So, ignore such mails and don’t reveal your personal information.

Abhijit Kulkarni

Abhijit Kulkarni

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