ICICI Phishing mail

Today we have received a Phishing mail as shown below having a PDF file as an attachment.

In the PDF file it asks user to click the link and protect their bank account:

When you click on a link it will be diverted to below website:

Then you are tricked into entering credentials and the bad guys suddenly have the access to your bank account.

More information regarding the sites

First Redirection

https:- //vision-net.co.uk/xhtml-css/images/log.jf.php
Host:- srv1.kreedhosting.com
country:- United states

Actual site

https:- //mytholoxy.com/forum/front/security/indexx.html
Host:- server20-mail.internet-webhosting.com
Country:- Malaysia

We would also like to remind you that no authority would ask you to perform confidential action or reveal sensitive data via e-mail.

QuickHeal Antiphishing protection blocks both the Urls.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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