ICICI Bank phishing scam: Information Regarding your Account

Today I got an interesting Email, it pretends to be from ICICI bank having Subject line:Information Regarding your Account.

The Email contains ICICI-SECURITY.PDF file as an attachment.

If you open the PDF file,it contains a link:www.icicibank.com/newonline-security

If you click on this link, it directly puts you on below link:

https://www.partyplayesr.nl/2010v01/includes/js/tabs/thame/access/index.html (Do not visit the link).

The page displayed has two options personal and corporate.

If you click any of them, it dispalys one page and ask to put all your confidential data such as UserId, Password, Mobile number, Debit/ATM card, Debit/ATM PIN .

In a country like India, owing to the huge customer base, most of the banks have are frequently targeted for phishing attacks and ICICI is one of them.

Quick Heal detects and blocks these fraudulent links and prevents its users from being victim of such phishing scams.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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