Ranjeet Menon

ICICI Bank phishing mail

October 31, 2006
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Today a new ICICI Bank phishing mail was delivered to my mail box. At first glance it looked quite original as my Eudora mail box showed the information as follows:

Mail received from:

Subject: Alerts !!! Upgrade And Secure Your Online Account Immediately.

After reading the message I doubt it was from ICICI and hence tried and visited the link given in the message.

It took me to the hidden link which was as:

The site resolves to IP Address which is located somewere in US.

I was happy to see that the site was closed down and the browser showed error of “Page Not Found”. Good to see that care has been taken to close down such a site in very short span. It was great on the part of ICICI Bank as it is India’s largest private sector bank. 🙂

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