Things You Should Keep off the Table of Facebook

As a continuation to our previous post, where we had discussed the type of information one should not reveal on social networking sites like Facebook, this post tells you about some more important things that are better off without being shared online.


Click Everything and Share!
Pictures do express a lot – love, humour, pride, self-esteem, and many other emotions. This is what makes posting photos on Facebook all the more exciting and a favourite activity for most users. But going overboard with this stuff is, let’s face it, ridiculous. Your furniture may be great, the layout of your house may be amazing, the diamond ring you gifted your wife may be out of the world, but you are not putting them up for auction, are you? So, flaunt all such good things to the people you are close to. You don’t want a stranger breaking into your house in the middle of the night and looking for your wife’s ring, or do you?

Me and Little Johnny
A few photos of your two or five year old may be the cutest post on your Facebook wall, but they can also act as channels for predators to build rapport with the little ones. Things may get even worse when you share information that can personally identify your children, like tagging them with their full name, and exact place, time and date of birth. At the present time, things such as these are one of the major reasons behind crimes committed against children. So, if you want to keep your kids from any harm, start by not posting their photos online, untagging their photos or at least not making them identifiable on the internet.

I Hate My Co-Workers!
Work can be fun and at times, a thankless task too. Venting out your anger or frustration for your work place or colleagues is but natural. But don’t you think a place like Facebook should be the last thing on your mind, for expressing what a bad day you had at work, or what in the world were you thinking before signing up for the person who calls himself your boss? Social networking sites are being increasingly used by employers to gauge at the mindset of their employees. So, whenever you feel like throwing a few rants about your customers, co-workers, or boss, just try to wake up to the word “pink slip”.

I Love to Flaunt!
Making the long story short, keep intimate stuffs for private viewing only. They say Facebook has an “elephant’s memory”. Deleted photos are never really deleted, but stored for an unspecified amount of time on the company’s server. So, if you don’t want any compromising photos of you to come back from the dead and haunt you, then you know what to do.

My New, Shiny Credit Card!
Even after being informed or aware of the increasing number of cyber crimes, if a person happily flaunts the photo of their credit/debit card on Facebook, and top off the same with other financial details of their bank account, credit card/debit card, security questions, etc. then we have nothing else to say, seriously!

Soumya Patnaik

Soumya Patnaik


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