FIFA World Cup 2010 Lottery Scam Mail

The online scammers have attempted a new trick shot. They are trying to boost their chances of a scam by capitalizing on the popularity of FIFA Football World Cup 2010 that will be held in South Africa from June 11, 2010 onwards.

Today I received an email with the words GOOD NEWS!!! in the Subject line and SOUTH AFRICAN FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 INTERNET LOTTERY PROMOTION as the header of the mail.

Please be aware that such mails are framed by online scammers and serves just one purpose, to lure users into believing that they won the lottery and in turn gather personal information from the users. On many occasions when contacted on the contact details provided in the mail, scammers ask victim to pay some amount to receive the lottery prize. Most of the time victims have fallen for this trap and ended up paying their savings without receiving the lottery prize.

While receiving this mail, Quick Heal AntiSpam automatically filtered it as SPAM.

So please try to ignore such emails and keep away from online scams.

A copy of the entire mail follows:

Basant Sekhani

Basant Sekhani

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