Fake BitDefender 2011

Fake BitDefender 2011 is a misleading security software that will mimic the legitimate program in order to deceive computer users.

The real BitDefender 2011 can be downloaded from bitdefender.com web site and must be installed manually, while the rogue one’s will be dropped on to computers and be installed without users consent.

It is good to know that fake BitDefender 2011 can penetrate a computer without being detected. This is because it uses a technique that will hide itself on the system by injecting a code on legitimate Windows process. A Trojan is also responsible why the fake BitDefender 2011 can manipulate a system without hindrance from any security applications installed. Modifications can be performed on the registry that will allow itself to run when Windows is started.

It look like the wrong doers are now stealing the name of a good application. It is quite easier to trick user by using name of a good application, so now onward user have to be more careful while browsing.

Users should download application from the companies website.


Anand Yadav

Anand Yadav

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