Facebook Scam – Man in wheelchair falls down

Once again Facebook scammers are trying to generate user curiosity by claiming to display a rare and shocking video – “Man in wheelchair falls down the elevator shaft”.

Just like in previous Facebook scams, clicking on the link will take you to a genuine looking Facebook page which claims to show you the video soon.

The fake video player window is over layered with a hidden iframe; clicking anywhere on it will submit a Facebook ‘Like’ and spread the post to your Facebook wall and will then get shared with your Facebook friends too. You may believe that you will eventually get to see the video, but in truth, you won’t. The scammer’s goal is to drive more traffic towards certain websites since this is how they earn their money. They might also spread new malware and obtain personal information.

Stay away from such Facebook scams.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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