Facebook scam – Kristen Stewart was taped drunk and having s#x

Once again Facebook is flooded with a new scam carrying a very bold message – “Kristen Stewart was taped drunk and having s#x”. With such a bold message the attacker tries to lure more and more victims towards his fatal intentions.

If you click on the link to watch the video, it will take you to a fraudulent page (which is a pretty good replica of a Facebook page) and try to show you the video. If you click on the ‘Play’ tab, it tricks you into sharing the link further amongst your Facebook friends.

Furthermore, the attacker asks you to complete the following online survey in order to be allowed to watch this video:

Even after completion of the online survey, there will be no such video to watch. Such social engineering tricks of redirecting users to online surveys are very common on social networking platforms and Facebook in particular. Several such Facebook scams are commonly used in order to trick people.

We recommend that all Facebook users stay away from such scams. Furthermore, installing the best anti-spam software on a machine is something that will provide added protection against such malicious threats over social networks.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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