Facebook ‘Just in Case’ Studies – The Basics of Privacy

If you also find maneuvering around Facebook privacy settings confusing like we do, then we have just the thing for you. Facebook recently released a set of videos known as the ‘Just in Case Studies’. These quirky and short clips are the perfect embodiment of some of Facebook’s most discussed privacy settings, and how they work in the real world. Watch these videos to view these interesting takes on some of these settings. Hopefully, they will inspire you to revisit the settings on your Facebook profile and tweak them to suit the level of privacy that you want over the social network.

How to Change Your Password

Have you ever needed to change your Facebook password immediately? If so, then this video perfectly highlights how you can do that in a matter of seconds. Also remember to choose a strong password and not to use the same password as your other accounts.


How to Share With Just Friends

Have you ever posted a great picture and then realized that you don’t want everyone to see it? Well you can now decide who sees what you post. This video shows you how. You can also learn how to create custom lists of friends so that you can share your posts with select friends.


How to Block Someone

Do you have an annoying friend or relative who keeps pestering you on Facebook? Then you might just want to block them for a while. Doing that is as easy as it gets and it’s equally easy to unblock them once you are over your annoyance. This video shows you how.


How to Edit a Post

Sometimes, just like in person, we end up saying something on Facebook that we wish could be taken back. At least on Facebook, this is possible. All you need to do is edit that last post or comment and this video shows you how.


How to Untag a Photo

Do you also find it annoying when someone posts a photo of yours that you don’t like on Facebook? If so, then you can simply ask them to remove it. Or you can do the next best thing and untag yourself from the picture so that it doesn’t show up on your profile ever again. Click through to learn how to do that.


So there you have it. These were some great ways to learn about Facebook privacy and what you can do to keep your account relatively secure. Given below are some more great tips and resources that you can refer to for advice on how to secure your Facebook account.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani


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