eBay faces a major hack and other security news

In massive security news this last week, eBay was hacked on a large scale. This is the dominant story emanating from IT circles in the week gone by, and all else pales in comparison. During the hack, large databases of user passwords were also stolen and this is a rather alarming state of affairs. If you have ever created an eBay account, please change your password NOW. Even if you have never really used eBay for a transaction, your email details are there and are at risk. Read more here.

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On the other hand, if you have ever conducted a transaction on eBay, then your private banking details are also exposed. So you need to act soon. Read more here about what this hack really means for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for information on how to change your eBay password, then you can visit this link for detailed instructions.


China bans Windows 8 on Government machines

Since Windows XP is no longer being supported by Microsoft now, many people and institutions are wondering about what to switch to in its place. The Chinese Government has made it a bit simpler for themselves by banning the use of Windows 8. While China and the US are at loggerheads right now about cyberespionage, this could be a drastic reaction. Read more about this story here.


Microsoft neglects IE 8 flaw for 7 months

You would think that Microsoft takes security flaws and their solutions seriously. However, a major Internet Explorer 8 flaw has been neglected by them for the last 7 months, since October 2013. While they presume that the flaw is not that serious, or because it originates in an old version of IE, this neglect could be costly for some of their users. Read here for more details on this story.


Facebook news update

Every week, Facebook does not fail to feature in our news. However, this time it is for a good reason. They have now started giving reminders about privacy settings to people whose settings are adjusted to public. New members are also in the mix here as their default settings are now adjusted at private. Read more here. However, they also want to listen to the songs and videos playing in your living room now. Same old Facebook, it seems. Read more here.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani

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