Dear Women, Define your Online Identity Securely

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Amazing women are everywhere. They have defined our past and are making our present better so that we can look forward to a better future. Women have always been more vocal, expressive and willing to share than men. And social networking has become one the most powerful platforms for them to express themselves and dominate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Globally women are creating a social revolution online and studies have also revealed that women are biologically wired for social networking. The scenario is however different in India. Recently, a Singapore-based analytics firm ‘We Are Social’ found that only 24% of Facebook users (2016) in India are women. However, internet usage in India is rising on the back of the mobile phone revolution and by 2020, women would make up 40% of the urban internet users in India.

If we compile the data of all the major social media analytic reports, few facts cannot be ruled out when it comes to behavior of women on social media platforms. Here are some key highlights of these reports:

  • Although women use social media less than men for business reasons,   they do use social media to share more personal information than men, revealing more about their personal lives
  • There are more women in top social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Women use social media more often daily
  • Women interact with brands more often
  • More women use smartphones and tablets to access social media
  • Women are defining the trend on visually-oriented sites such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, which are the three fastest growing social media networks today.

The last two trends are definitely going to lure women more than anyone else. And here’s why as women, we need to define our online identity securely. As a security solutions provider, we can protect your smartphones and network from virus, Trojans and other threats and ensure a threat-free browsing experience. But as individuals, we need to be alert on the kind of information we share online and ensure that our privacy is protected.

Our bloggers have always shared their perspectives on how to keep your digital lives safe, secure, and hackproof. On this blog, we want to walk you through the best of online security practices.

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Remember…your identity is precious. Secure it wisely.




Suhita Mazumdar

Suhita Mazumdar

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