Cybercriminals have started targeting Haiti Donations

As expected cybercriminals are taking advantage of those want to donate money for Haiti earthquake relief. We had already warned the readers to not to respond any unsolicited emails asking for quake relief fund in the message.

It has been observed that Rouge application generators are doing SEO poisoning on popular search engine results. People searching for information related to Haiti Earthquake are being redirected to infected websites that downloads and installs a fake anti-virus in the system. This Rouge application once installed gives fake warnings of infections in your system and threatens the users.

It is also observed that cybercriminals are also creating fake groups and Haiti donation groups on social networking website and appealing users to give donations on popular social networking websites. We recommend not to fill any online donation forms or click on donation requests received on social networking message or in your email.

We have released updates to detect these new rougewares and also are monitoring the situation for updates. We advise our users to keep their protection updated.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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