Why Residents of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra Should Choose Quick Heal Total Security Over Other Tools

Quick Heal vs NPAV

Cybercrime is not just a booming keyword but a booming reality and the citizens of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra haven’t been spared. Statistics show a significant increase in cyberattacks like malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and data breaches in the past few years in UP, MP, and MH. If we consider just the malware attacks, then these three states faced 23% of the total reported malware incidents in the country.

Considering the total number of complaints reported, there were more than 3.60 lakh complaints with a reported financial loss of over INR 19000 Cr. Now that’s something to worry about!


Let’s look at how digital threats are attacking your state LIVE!


cyber threat weather map india

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Taking your attention to some of the recent cybercrime cases-

A woman in Ghaziabad, UP lost Rs. 56 lakh in online fraud. In another incident 12 people from Bhopal lost money to face swap video call frauds and in Mumbai. A retired director of a multi-national company lost Rs. 25 Cr. to what is now called as one of the biggest cyber fraud case of an individual in the nation. One thing that was common in all these scams was all the fraudsters asked the victims to either download some third-party application or access some fraudulent website or link as a medium to send or receive money which could have been avoided by being proactive, by staying aware and with the use of cutting edge antivirus like Quick Heal.

Still thinking that you are #DigitallySafe!  As per a report by Data Security Council of India and Quick Heal, on average India recorded 761 cyber threats per minute. In such a grim situation what you need is a solid line of defense in the form of an antivirus.

Now the next question is which one to choose from the various options available to you and what makes Quick Heal Total Security the best option?

Consumers have undermined the importance of robust antivirus software like Quick Heal Total Security (which has a legacy of over 28 years) and choose alternatives that cost less like any Local Antivirus.

Quick Heal vs Local Antivirus:


Quick Heal vs Other Antivirus


Consumers also tend to use freely available tools or rely on in-built tools, lets understand how Quick Heal Total Security scores better than inbuilt & Free Antivirus:

Quick Heal Vs Free and Inbuilt Antivirus:

Quick Heal Versus Inbuilt and Free Antivirus

Choosing Quick Heal Total Security is a wise decision for staying #DigitallySafe because:

Powered by Innovation: Quick Heal prioritizes research and development. Our patented technologies and AI-driven features like behavior-based detection effectively neutralize even the latest threats.

India’s Largest Malware Lab: With the largest malware lab, meticulously dissecting and neutralizing millions of threats daily, keeping you safe from the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Ransomware Protection: Quick Heal, is the only Indian antivirus provider, that safeguards your devices from ransomware, keeping your data out of the hands of cyber bullies. We’ll keep your precious files safe and sound and have the ability to restore data back in case of incidents.

Data Breach Alert: We empower you with data breach alerts alarming you with all potential breaching possibilities.

metaProtect: You get One of its kind central security platform that allows you to remotely access and regulate the cyber security features of all your devices through a single dashboard.

Remote Management: This gives you the power to manage the security of all the devices in your family with remote access so that you can manage and supervise even on the go.

Performance Booster: We enhance your overall gaming experience by optimizing the performance of your device while you enjoy your favorite game.

Better Investment for Your Security: Free antivirus solutions offer basic protection, but they might not be enough against sophisticated cyberattacks. Quick Heal’s paid plans provide comprehensive security features to keep you safe.

Experience Matters: Unlike new antivirus providers, Quick Heal boasts over 30 years of experience. This translates to millions of protected endpoints, proven technologies, and a track record of innovation.

30 Years of Commitment: For three decades, Quick Heal has been relentlessly safeguarding its users. We understand the evolving threat landscape and adapt our solutions accordingly.

Digital Defenders: Quick Heal, along with its sister brand Seqrite, actively collaborates with the DSCI (Data Security Council of India) to raise digital security awareness and build a robust security infrastructure. A recent DSCI-Quick Heal report sheds light on the current cyber threats impacting consumers and businesses.

Unmatched Security: We have India’s largest malware labs, constantly researching and identifying new threats. Our commitment to security is reflected in our top scores on independent testing platforms.

Award-Winning Protection: Customer satisfaction is our priority. Quick Heal consistently receives excellent ratings on platforms like Google Play and Amazon, reflecting our users’ trust in our solutions.

Choose Quick Heal. Choose Peace of Mind.

In the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, you need a reliable antivirus solution that can keep you safe. With its proven track record, advanced technologies, and unwavering commitment to security, Quick Heal stands out as the ideal choice for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your digital life with Quick Heal today!

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