Connecting a newly purchased gadget to your PC can be un-safe.

We are very much used to connect a new trendy gadget to our laptop to explore its features and configure etc. Many gadgets has memory card or storage in it to support lot of features like digital camera, music players video players, Mobile phones. All of these when connected to PC are showed as storage or removable drives on PC.

It has been observed that many of these product manufacturers and vendors are not security aware and while packing these devices they are not following security practices and end up with infecting the memory storage/card in the brand new device. This takes place in the shop floor or place where the gadget is being tested and configured before it is being packaged for sale. These devices are packed and made available to customers with the infection as on it. There had been few instances of such infected devices being widely sold and customer unaware believing the new device is safe and connects it to the PC. To the customers surprise the PC gets infected.

Recently cases of such infection were reported by few customers of Samsung S8500 Wave phone which was shipped with infected MicrosSD card.

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So be careful the next time you are connecting a brand new device to your PC, make sure you have your anti-virus up and running and already updated.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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