Caution – The Fake MARUTI SUZUKI Job Scam

Day by day online job frauds are getting advanced and more authentic. With so many people currently looking for jobs, there are more scammers out there than ever who are trying to take advantage of this. The scam artists are well aware about the tendency and eagerness of freshly graduated students to grab a good job.

I have come across such fraud emails which pretend to be from the MARUTI SUZUKI recruitment team. The email has an attachment of a .doc file named “Notice.docx”.

The doc file is so well constructed, and targets the emotional and greedy side of job seekers. They attempt to lure the job seeker by assuring him a handsome package and nice designation in the company. After this, the scam artists intention comes into the picture. The scammer asks the candidate to deposit Rs. 15,800 into a fake account as a sign of confirmation from the candidate to attend the scheduled interview. They also mention that the amount will be completely refundable once the scheduled interview gets over.
The doc file has the following contents:

It is unfortunate that certain unscrupulous people try to prey on those who are looking for legitimate jobs, but it does happen. So it’s important to be aware and cautious when you’re looking for a job.

We suggest that users stay away from such fraudulent emails and do not even reply to them.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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