Beware of Loan Scam

In my earlier blog, I had mentioned how scammers had used current events such as “FIFA World Cup 2010” to launch fraudulent scams. But in this latest scam a sly approach has been taken by scammers to extract personal infromation from victims.

I recently received a mail with the words LOAN APPLICATION in the subject line of the mail. The matter of the mail asked the recepients if they had bad credit or if they needed instant cash to upgrade their business. It also contains a form which the user had to fill out to obtain loan from the respective organization. The form requests personal information from the user like Name, Sex, Address, Telephone Number, Scanned copy of Passport or Driver’s License, etc.

Please be aware that such mails are sent by scammers whose sole purpose is to extract personal information from users. Most of the time users, who have fallen for such traps, have ended up paying their savings to scammers.

So I would request users to not trust such emails and delete them immediately. While receiving this mail, Quick Heal AntiSpam automatically filtered it as SPAM.

A copy of the entire mail follows:

Basant Sekhani

Basant Sekhani

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