Beware of ‘Steve Jobs Alive’ spam

News about the death of Steve Jobs has been exploited by cyber-criminals by sending spam emails associated with this incident. The spam mail may have one of the following subjects:

– “Steve Jobs: Not Dead Yet”

– “Is Steve Jobs Really Dead?”

– “Steve Jobs Alive!”

– “Steve Jobs Not Dead”

If you have received one of these fake messages you are advised not to click on any link or download any attachment that comes with the message as these may just lead you to a malicious or fraudulent site that distributes the Trojan Downloader. By doing so you can potentially download or install similar files and programs that can compromise the security of your computer.

These Trojans not only permit the attacker to install other malware, but also install tracking software which monitors users browsing habits and install rogueware like ‘Personal Shield Pro’ and ‘Total Security’. These scams have also been helping them to use their victims PC as another node for spreading these scam e-mails.

We must warn users that all news stories telling people that the famous Apple entrepreneur Steve Jobs is alive are fake so please ignore such messages.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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