Apple releases emergency security patch for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Users of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and can heave a sigh of relief as Apple has kept its word and released a security patch for a vulnerability that could have exposed the concerned devices to malicious attacks.

The vulnerability existed in Appleā€™s Safari browser and the way it handled Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. For example, if a PDF file containing malicious code was downloaded using Mobile Safari browser it gave remote attackers a chance to take complete control of a vulnerable device. This exploit was also said to have imitated JailbreakMe utility that allowed iPhone users to run non-Apple approved applications.

The iOS 4.0.2 update for iPhone and iPod Touch can be downloaded and installed using iTunes. For additional information, visit Apple’s support advisory HT4291. The same process can be used to update Apple iPads to version 3.2.3 of iOS, with detailed information about the vulnerability published on Apple’s support knowledgebase.

I will recommend Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to apply this patch on priority otherwise the exposed devices may be prone to malicious attacks.

Basant Sekhani

Basant Sekhani

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