Anonymous to attack Malaysian Government website.

A hacker group going by the name Anonymous which is quite famous has threaten to attack the Malaysian Government website on 15th June.

The group posted the threat in the form of graphic which appeared as follows. The image was posted on

The group stated that it will launch the attack at 7:30 pm GMT on Wednesday 15th June (3:30 am Thursday Malaysian time). The attack has been named as “Operation Malaysia”.

The group seems to be against the Malaysian Governments censorship acts. Recently Malaysian Government has cracked down on file sharing websites like Pirate Bay by blocking access to these websites.

The group posted a video with voice message at You Tube.

Attacking government website seems to be new way of protest taken up by this generation hackers. This does not seems to be working wonders but is definitely catching attention of the netizens. Recently Turkish Government had arrested few people suspected to be members of Anonymous after they attacked some of the officials websites in Turkey.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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