“Account Alert” mail…..Nothing but a spam

Like everyone, I keep on getting such stupid/funny mails. Yesterday, I received one such mail (shown above) on my Windows Live ID.

The Subject is “ACCOUNT ALERT” which will make anyone to open the mail and so did I. The From field displays the name “Windows Live Team” but the email-id shown is totally irrelevant unless Microsoft would have been in scooter spares business. The mail body tries to explain that congestion due to “anonymous” registration is the reason why “genuine” accounts (like the one I have) will be deleted……Wow…….Superb! Next, it asks for Username, Password and other personal information. Lastly it displays a warning, which is enough for many of the users to make them reply with their personal information.

No genuine email service asks you for your personal information in the way the mail does.

So the first thing to do after reading such mail is……….DELETE IT.

Abhijit Kulkarni

Abhijit Kulkarni

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