Got a new Android phone this summer? Here are 6 tips to take good care of it!

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6 tips to take care of your new Android phone

Planning to get a new Android phone, or already got one recently? Then you must totally follow these 6 easy tips to take care of your new, shiny gadget! Tip #6 is the most important, by the way.

Tip #1. First! Get a screen protector and a sturdy case
Nothing can disappoint you like an ugly scratch right in the middle of your shiny new phone.

When my new phone gets one tiny scratch!

Tip #2. Charge your phone optimally
We all know what happens when our phone runs out of battery. Most experts recommend keeping phones charged between 40% and 80%. So, frequent top-ups instead of daily charging all the way to 100%, helps keep the battery healthy.

When my phone is running out of battery.

Tip #3. Update the device’s OS
Update your Android’s operating system to the latest version whenever it is available. Latest versions come with bug fixes for better performance, and enhanced security.

Oh, yeah! Time to kick some …

Tip #4. Avoid choking your phone with unnecessary apps
If Google Play Store has 100 thousand free apps, you don’t have to load your phone with 100 thousand free apps. Keeping apps that you hardly use or never use, consume device memory, which ultimately can slow down your phone.


What happens when you overload stuff? This.

What happens when you overload stuff? This.

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Tip #5. Keep it cool
A cool phone is a healthy phone. On a sunny day, don’t leave your phone in the car, and use it in the shade whenever possible. Using it in under the sun also requires maximum brightness, which again, heats up the phone. For lengthy voice calls, prefer using earphones. It is also a good idea to keep your phone in open areas instead of confined spaces like pockets, bags, etc.

You need to cool down, buddy!

Tip #6. Protect your Android from virus and other bad stuff on the Internet
From corrupting data to stealing it, a virus can ruin everything that is good about your phone. So, to avoid getting into a situation where your phone is taken over by an infected or a harmful app; get a reliable mobile security software.


And this is how I hack your shinny little phone.

And this is how I hack your cute little phone.

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So, there are you are! 6 easy peasy lemon squeezy tips to keep your Android shiny forever!

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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