25 Worst Passwords of 2011

A password is a secret word or a string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or to gain access to one’s laptop, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and many more similar accounts.

Choosing “password” as your online password is not a good idea.
In fact, it’s the worst password you can possibly choose as it is easy to guess for hackers and crackers.

SplashData, a password management application provider, created rankings based on millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers. Below is the partial list:

1. password
2. 123456
3. 12345678
4. qwerty
5. abc123
6. monkey
7. 1234567
8. letmein
9. trustno1
10. dragon
11. baseball
12. 111111
13. iloveyou
14. master
15. sunshine
16. ashley
17. bailey
18. passw0rd
19. shadow
20. 123123
21. 654321
22. superman
23. qazwsx
24. michael
25. football

As seen, “Password” ranks first on SplashData’s annual list of the worst Internet passwords, which are ordered by how common they are. (“Passw0rd,” with a numeral zero, isn’t a much smarter option, ranking 18th on the list.)

Users using any of these passwords should change them immediately as crackers can easily break into their accounts just by repeatedly trying common passwords.

You can read “Is your password weak?” for more information on weak passwords and how to create a good, complex password which will make the job for hackers and crackers far more difficult.

Vishal Dodke

Vishal Dodke

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