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Quick Heal Security Labs is a leading source of threat research, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity. It analyzes data fetched from millions of Quick Heal products across the globe to deliver timely and improved protection to its users.

Kovter Trojan has been in effect since 2013. Being fileless, Kovter is different and stealthier than other Trojan families. It employs various anti-debugging, anti-VM, anti-sandboxing techniques, and has checks for identification of different security analysis tools. It uses different encryption techniques for different purposes. Like other Trojans, Kovter gathers user...
Targeted Cyber Attack
Cyber espionage campaigns are not only common with government and military organizations, but they also take private firms into their inferno. More often not, the perpetrators are business rivals or disgruntled employees. At Quick Heal, we have observed a targeted attack on an online marketing firm (name withheld to protect...