Thinking of buying an Anti-spam product? Here’s a checklist

When your organization decides to shell out money on an anti-spam product for network security, there are a few important things that should be considered. Choosing an anti-spam product that provides you the right kind of protection, is cost-effective and doesn’t eat up system resources falls on the high-priority list. The other crucial aspects that one should consider are:

Demand the best features
Select products that have a lot of strong features that ensure a lot of flexibility in deployment. A reliable product offers extensive spam dictionaries, pattern-based message filters, attachment control, message quarantine, data loss prevention, centralized reporting, automatic updates and no redundancy. Steer clear from a product that requires a huge chunk of your system resources. Moreover, one should pick a product that offers proprietary software and not open-source software, since the former is harder to crack.

Consider the price wisely
There is a significant difference between a product that is economical and just plain cheap. If you settle for an uncommonly cheap product, then you will have to compromise on the quality. It is advisable to pay a bit of a premium for the best system protection software for assured security. Some softwares are available at low rates either due to low quality components or limited functionality. You must also consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This shoots up if an inferior product fails in high-pressure situations and is also affected by the number of appliances that monitor inbound and outgoing traffic.

Scrutinize the support infrastructure
Pre-sales and post-sales support is crucial so it is best to choose a product offered by an established reseller network. This ensures local ground support and not just telephonic customer care. Some companies advocate direct purchases, but undoubtedly, an established reseller channel improves the support system. This is especially useful for buyers situated in locations that are not easily accessible by the corporation. Additionally, the company should provide detailed product guides, an online knowledge base and excellent tech support round the clock.

Prepare for future growth
Pick a product that keeps up with the needs of your organization. Every business must purchase a product that not only caters to its present requirements but also hones security layers for future growth. One must not over-spend in anticipation of growth, but adequate provisions are necessary. Benefits like loyalty programs and add-up products are offered to organizations that experience rapid growth, so their availability also makes a difference.

Stop, think, compare and choose wisely. The best anti-spam software is a necessary security feature for business organizations and makes a world of difference. A product that appears economical at first may have a large TCO which could be detrimental to the organization. Choose a solution that not only meets your present but future needs as well. Quick Heal offers a range of products for corporate solutions and you can visit our products page by clicking here.

Rahul Thadani

Rahul Thadani


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