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INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Passwords in 2015

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 May 5, 2016
world password day

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UPDATE – May 5th, 2016 Achieving cyber security is getting harder every year, and the most critical aspect of this process is passwords. With so many different passwords to remember for every individual, there are several loopholes which need to be secured. Have a look at the infographic below to...

Security Habit to Make: Strong Passwords for Stronger Security

 January 12, 2016

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In continuation to the first part of Security Habits to Break and Make in 2016, this one is the second part that talks about choosing strong and not-so-constant passwords. No.2 Security Habit to Break: Having devices that are not password protected. No.2 Security Habit to Make: Create complex and strong...

The Best Password Managers and Why you Should Get One

 February 2, 2015

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When it comes to web passwords, an average Internet user holds about 26 different accounts, but only has 5 different passwords to access them. This is an alarming statistic as it leaves almost all online accounts of users vulnerable to hackers and password leaks. Now we understand that creating passwords...

How Secure is Your Password?

 October 31, 2014

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If our readers can recollect, we had shared a blog post sometime last year on the common password mistakes people make, and how you can create strong passwords. Well, this post is to see whether our readers have followedour tips. We will be sharing with you all a tool which...