Necurs botnet

Beware! 12.5 million emails hiding a ransomware have been let loose by Necurs botnet

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 November 28, 2017
Necurs Botnet

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If you weren’t careful with your incoming emails, then it’s time you should. Attackers have released 12.5 million emails hiding a ransomware called the Scarab malware. And Necurs botnet, the world’s largest email spam botnet, is being used in this attack. First, what is a botnet? A group of computers...

PDF files with embedded docm files now deliver Jaff Ransomware

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 May 23, 2017

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Adding to the havoc created by the recent outbreak of the WannaCry Ransomware is a new entry to the list of encrypting ransomware called ‘Jaff’. Reportedly, this variant has been created by the authors of the Locky ransomware. The source of this ransomware is the Necurs botnet which is using...