This summer vacation let your kids explore the internet with safety of parental control

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At a time when toddlers can be seen playing around with tabs and teens are living in a virtual world of communication, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that today’s parents are raising a completely new and advanced breed of kids!!

Not to be left behind are the schools that are quick to adapt to computers and tablets as part of their curriculum and teaching methods.

Talking of schools; kids are going to start with their summer vacations soon and it would be a hard time for parents to keep their kids away from laptops, tabs and smartphones.

Getting worried already are you?

Well, while there is nothing wrong in exposing your kids to digital freedom during their vacation time, an uncontrolled access to internet can definitely expose your kids to a landscape of known and unknown threats. At times, this may result in situations that are way beyond your kid’s capacity to handle.

It is thus extremely important to have a robust antivirus with parental control feature installed in each and every device that your child has access to. This will not only save your kids from becoming unsuspecting victims of cyber threats like bullying, stalking, etc. but also help in inculcating safe cyber etiquettes in your kids that can go a long way.

Here are few ways in which Parental Control feature can help ensure a safe browsing experience for your kids:

Scheduled Internet Access Time – Uncontrolled screen time can be really addictive. This is especially true for kids, who tend to get easily detached from their physical surroundings while being glued to the device. This excessive screen time can not only lead to wastage of time but also physical issues like bad posture, poor eyesight, mental block and so on.

While parents may find it difficult to completely restrict their kids from accessing the internet, they can easily schedule their internet access time by selecting specific days and times when the kids can use the internet.

Restricted Social Media Access – As alert parents of a generation that literally thrives on social media, it is important that you restrict your kids from inappropriate social media content. A good parental control software allows you to block inappropriate content categories like violence, pornography, gambling, etc., that have the ability to easily hamper your kid’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Safe Cyber Etiquettes – An important part of healthy upbringing by parents, is teaching their kids about proper decision making. Unless kids are taught about the threats that may arise out of unsafe internet access like cyber bullying, hacking, stalking, etc., it could be hard for them to safely navigate through the digital landscape. A good parental control software can help imbibe in your kids safe cyber etiquettes both online and offline.

Thus, installing a robust antivirus software with parental control feature, can help your kids have a safe online experience and also save YOU from sleepless nights.

Quick Heal Total Security is one such efficient antivirus that comes with parental control feature, allowing your kids to freely explore the web during their vacations while restricting their access to inappropriate content.

As smart parents of an equally smart generation of kids, it is upon you to make a smart decision and invest in a good antivirus software TODAY!

Sushmita Kalashikar

Sushmita Kalashikar

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