Rogueware through fake USPS email

Once again a USPS (United States Postal Service) fraudulent email is getting circulated over the Internet. The email pretends to be from and presents a genuine looking reason which compels the user to open the attached file. The email states that there is an error regarding delivery address and then asks the user to contact their nearest USPS office along with a print-out of the delivery invoice which is attached with the email. The attacker creates further panic for the user by stating that failure to pick up their parcel will lead to charges of $6.69 per day as compensation for holding the parcel at their office.

Believing that he has to personally visit the USPS office to collect the package with a print-out of the attached invoice copy, the user may get tricked into downloading the attachment.

Upon extraction of the attached file a malicious file with a PDF file icon is visible to the user. If the user executes this file on the machine assuming that it is a PDF file, a Rogueware named Smart Fortress 2012 gets installed and badly infects the machine.

I have also came across a few more fraudulent emails which are responsible for installing the Smart Fortress 2012 Rogueware.

Quick Heal successfully detects and deletes the attached file along with the installed Rogueware from your machine.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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