Quick Heal Total Security (Windows) achieves a 99.5% protection rate in AV-Comparatives’ test

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Quick Heal Total Security (Windows) has achieved a 99.5% protection rate in the Real-World Protection Test conducted by world’s leading security software testers AV-Comparatives.

Real-World Protection Test February-June 2018

Experts at AV-Comparatives create a real-world environment to test security software. In this environment, malware (malicious software) behave in the same way as they would in a real cyberattack.

This test evaluated the protection offered by the multilayered security features of Quick Heal Total Security (Windows) against malware. And this is how our product scored.

Blocked: 99.5%
Meaning: Quick Heal successfully blocked 99.5% of malicious programs used in the test.

User dependent: 0.5%
Meaning: In only 0.5% of the instances, the user had the option to allow a malware to perform any malicious activity.

Compromised: 0.0%
Meaning: No malware was able to compromise the system.

False Positives: 0
Meaning: Quick Heal never detected a clean file (program) as a malware.

What do these results mean to you?
Two things:

1. These results show that Quick Heal Total Security is fully capable of protecting your computer against the increasing number of malware that are also evolving with time. This is greatly evident by the Zero Compromised score shown above. Furthermore, with Zero False Positives, Quick Heal Total Security ensures that it is effective in nabbing the ‘bag programs’ without affecting the system performance.

2. These results also show the efficiency of the multilayered protection features of Quick Heal Total Security. Right from the moment a malware tries to get into your system to its final execution stage, Quick Heal can detect and block the threat before it does any damage.

The Real-World Protection Test is a joint project of AV-Comparatives and the University of Innsbruck’s Faculty of Computer Science and Quality Engineering.

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Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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