PS3 just got hacked: courtesy geohot

Last weekend I had come across the news of Sony Playstation 3 just got hack. I was not sure until I found this piece of message and later the official news release on BBC’s website.

Now users can load and play anything on to their Sony PS3 claims the hacker George Hotz aka geohot. This includes installing a different OS or installing and playing pirated games on your favorite PS3.

I was expecting something of this kind as I was wondering how Sony’s Play Station 3 is so secure that even though being so popular and present in market for more than couple of years, its still secure and this new year bring in the bad news for Sony.

Will be curiously looking forward for the detail discloser by geohot as to how has he made it possible. Here is geohot’s blog post announcing the same.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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