Orkut Phishing Attack

Recently I received a scrap on my orkut account from unknown person, explaining the trick to Freely Recharge Mobile. And falsely claiming that the version was introduced to all orkut users as a gift from Google services! It asked me to visit a link which I did, it took me to https://meka555.blogspot.com/ [do not click on this link]

On this link i was surprised reading below message.

Then it asked me to copy some code in to tthe address bar where www.orkut.co.in/Main#Home is written. So as said I copied the java script to (www.orkut.co.in/Main#Home) and as soon as I hit enter below messages started appearing on my screen.

After giving above messages it diverted me back to orkut login page as below.

Hey hey wait a minute it’s not the actual orkut page. Rather its https://76asgdh.blogspot.com/

After a through analysis of this whole situtation we found that the entered details were forwarded to https://kiranmahi1.freehostia.com/mailer.php

So please never reply, click on the link or copy paste the contents send to you from unknown users.

Enjoy safe browsing…

Vishal Dodke

Vishal Dodke

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