One more Twitter scam to increase fake followers.

Popularity of Twitter is growing and so are the scams on this popular social networking website. Its kind of cool to have Twitter account and having thousands of followers on Twitter is kind of icing on cake. This greed of having more followers is being targeted by the scammers on Twitter. Few months back I had blogged about a Twitter scam that used to phish users twitter account user name and passwords which later could be miss-used to follow other twitter account (which we do not want to follow) and at the same time be a part of the scam.

Today I came across a new follower to my twitter account (@sanjaykatkar) whose twitter user name was something which I thought could be some kind of scam. The new twitter user who started to follow me was having account name as omg_its_wet_lol. This caught my attention as I suspected it to be a malicious and I visited that twitter account. The twitter account had below tweet on top.

Get many many twitter followers!

Upon visiting the above URL it took to the website that offers a way to increase twitter followers to your account. The website the above tiny URL took me to was and its webpage looked as follows.

The website was offering a service of increasing your twitter account followers by paying for the service. Like 3000 followers $150 so on and so forth.
I recommend users to stay away from such scam. You do not know if its going to get you results or you are going to loose money in the craze to get more followers. If you want more followers on twitter it will attract followers if your tweets are interesting to them. There is no way one can generate thousands of followers in few days which such scammers are offering. If at all you get those followers they may be mostly through automated bot or accounts of those users who have been phished into revealing their username and password to such scammers. Those followers are of no value as non of them are actually interested in your tweets and hence are not true followers.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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