No efforts are seen to be made to catch the cyber criminals in India.

Being in computer security industry for years I am seeing lot of cyber criminals activities day in and out. These activities are increasing exponentially in numbers. A growing threat by international cyber criminal organization has accelerated this situation. Daily the threats targeting Indian citizens, online commerce, enterprise networks and financial systems are increasing.

Nothing prominently has been done to curb this by Indian government. All that I see is cyber crime investigation departments are following all those cases that are being reported to them. But have never seen any news of success in catching these cyber criminals. The people who go to police or register their complaints are in fraction then actual number of victims of this cyber crime. The cyber crime investigation should have proactive approach to nab cyber criminals. These can be started by simply setting trap to all those cyber crime activities like fishing the phishing emails or fraud emails and tracing the hacker. For example one can easily target a hacker behind the fake lottery winning email scam. Just reply to the email and behave as you are one of the innocent user falling prey to the email. The hacker will start communicating back to you and ask you to pay some money to (tax) to claim the lottery amount. There one can lay trap with the help of bank and online transaction providers to trace where the money is going. Lot can be done to at least catch the simple local cyber criminals which can bring some what control on the situation. The international cyber criminal organisations should be the next target.

Cyber crime activities are being done on much larger scale in developed countries. Earlier this year hackers launched sophisticated attack on Google and other business networks. In New York city, business lose billions of dollars each year because of cyber attacks. We here in India are not far away from such large scale incidents taking place in our country.

I strongly support the U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Orrin Hatch who recently introduced the “International Cyber crime Reporting and Cooperation Act” in U.S. that would improve America’s leadership and cooperation with other countries to fight cybercrime worldwide. I look forward to see Indian cyber crime investigators making use of this act and start more co-operation in this direction. It will definitely help us more then anything.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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