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Malware exploits Windows AutoRun
Strains of malware that spread via the AutoRun feature that automatically launches programs when a USB drive or a disk is inserted into a machine is on the rise today. These kinds of malware exploit a certain bug in the AutoRun software so it is recommended that everyone disables this feature. However, Microsoft goes to great extents to prevent such threats so these risks are only pertinent to machines that are not completely patched or on machines that share unsolicited folders and files.

European group successfully steals $47M from European banks
A group known as ‘Eurograbber’ have successfully managed to steal over $47 million from European banks over the last year. The group made use of the famous Zeus banking trojan and other similar trojans like SpyEye and CarBerp as well. Successful phishing and social engineering campaigns were instigated by the group which allowed them to overcome two-factor authentication protocols and steal this large amount of money from over 30,000 bank accounts.

Twitter accounts exposed due to inherent SMS flaw
It has been found that an inherent flaw in how Twitter handles SMS messages can be exploited by hackers if they possess the phone number of the victim. Twitter offers a feature whereby users can post tweets by sending an SMS message. But this flaw highlights that if an attacker knows a phone number, he can manipulate the service to post tweets and change profile information by posing as the user.

Samsung printers under attack by remote code attackers
If you or your business owns a Samsung printer released before October 31, 2012, your network could be at risk. These vulnerable printers have a permanent account and password which can be breached by attackers with the right tools. Once they have successfully compromised the printer, they can collect data about the network and its devices, change device configuration and also execeute remote codes on the printer. You can read more about this security flaw here.

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