Increase your twitter followers, an innovative way to get victims

Recently I came across a below website that is promoting itself through twitter accounts of its members. When I saw its home page I was surprised to learn how people are coming out with innovative ways to collect innocent users login names and passwords of twitter accounts. Further this website seems to be using these passwords to put its advertisments on the users twitter account.

The websites working model is based on idea of following more people so that they will follow back you and you can increase your twitter fan following. All this is free with a twist where the website is making one request of allowing them to post two advertisments on their profile every day. The website is collecting twitter account passwords to offer this service free to the users.

Do not believe in such advertisments where the website is stating that : “Its free to join! You have nothing to loose”. Revealing your password to such websites gives these people full access to your twitter account where they can communicate to your followers on your behalf. So its the other way as we can say – you have everything to loose.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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