HDFC Phishing Scam: Introducing Secure Access to all HDFC Customers

Once again HDFC Bank get targeted for the Phishing attack.

Today, i came across such a mail which pretrends to be from HDFC Bank with Subject line: Introducing Secure Access to all HDFC Customers!.
The mail has HDFC.Account-Registry.htm file as an attachment.

If you click to open the htm file, it displays NetBanking Login form.This form get displayed from your local machine.
It ask to fill your confidential information such as Customer ID,IPIN,Name of Card,CVV2/CVC2,ATM PIN,Date of Birth etc.

After filling the info,if you click on continue then all ours information transferred to the attacker.

I have analysed the Htm file and found that it contains a fraudulent link https: //cindycrawfordmeaningfulbeauty. com/hdfc. php and this is that link,where your confidential data is transferred.

Quick Heal detects and delete the fradulent htm file as well as blocks such phishing links.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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