Growing cyber crime rate indicates lack of skilled staff

Looking at the number of unique malwares that we are receiving in our lab on day to day basis, it clearly points to the fact that the cyber crime activity is growing exponentially. I was wondering when this will stop or come under control and the answer unfortunately is at least not in near future.

The government authorities in charge of computer security and cyber crime are not able to catch up with it. There is huge lack of skilled staff that is needed to do this job. Right from heights authority to the on ground staff there is lot of gap in the actual demand in skills and staff and the actual number of people working on it.

This is not the case with government authorities but it also reflects the scenario in private enterprises and corporate organizations. Lack of awareness with respect to computer security which is reflected in lack of demand of security professionals which has reflected in lack of interest in security as a profession and that is finally reflected in lack of degrees and courses in computer security at the education level. All this is helping in growing the cyber crime rate and the cyber crime industry.

Cyber security should become a top priority for every body, government authorities, government and private institutes, educational institutes. There is tremendous need for increasing computer security awareness among all the computer users. It is also a high time for all the private and government organizations to improve and increase the security standards for their networks. If no action taken on time cyber crime can become most serious economic and national security challenge.

Each computer users if takes responsibility of being security aware and take basic steps to protect his/her computer from getting infected and infecting others, can help in solving the problem to great extend.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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