Few hours to Black Hat 2010, Vegas.

Black Hat 2010 will kick start few hours from now. Lot of security experts and security community guys and gals will be looking forward for the latest news and happenings there. I am one of the guy who could not make it to the Black Hat and gona miss the fun. I am sure there will be lot of people out there who really wanted to be there but could not. For all those who wanted to keep up with the latest news, photos, announcements etc there are ways to keep and eye on the event remotely.

Of course this time Black Hat is having facility of live streaming of video but its not free. Let us see some other ways to follow the event. First think one can do is to follow the hastag #blackhat on twitter. If you are on twitter just install tweetdeck where you can set up the search column for #blackhat. If you do not have twitter account then twitter search is the best way to get current information on #blackhat. One can easily import the twitter search into RSS. One can also follow the security magazines on twitter like SCMagazine (@SCMagazine).

For photos its easy to keep checking this link here.

That is all on Black Hat and looking for exciting news from Vegas.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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