This festive season secure your mobile payments

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Festivities in India have begun and it’s time for a joyride of celebrations, merriment, lots of tantalising food and exchange of gifts. Talking of food and gifts, the festive season is also a time for ecommerce sites to spring into action, by offering tempting discounts and sales to lure people into buying.

With a major population accustomed to using smartphones for their daily needs, it’s no wonder that most people prefer to shop and order using the various apps on their smartphones. So, while you are busy making financial transactions with your mobile phones, it is important that you also spare a moment to consider ways to safeguard your mobile payments.

Remember that the festival season is not just a busy time for you, but also for endless hackers lurking in the darkness, waiting for their chance to strike an attack.

How To Safeguard Your Mobile Payments?                                                                                      

Talking of mobile security, one name that resonates in the industry is Quick Heal Total Security app, capable of thwarting all attempts by hackers to attack your smartphone & mobile payment apps. This Quick Heal app basically scans the payment apps on your smartphone for viruses & threats and blocks all phishing websites from accessing your confidential information.

A valuable addition to this app is the “SafePe” feature – designed especially to counter threats to mobile banking and mobile payments. SafePe basically ensures a safe & secure online banking, shopping and transaction experience, by taking all necessary steps to keep the threats at bay.

How SafePe Works?

  • Considering the significant growth in Android banking Trojans, SafePe protects your phone against banking Trojans. This feature also ensures that your phone is not infected by spyware, keylogger or other malwares.
  • It acts as a proactive shield, protecting your phone against infections or tampering by advanced malware, so that you are alerted before you initiate an online transaction.
  • SafePe not just ensures the safety of your phone, but also the network it is using for making online transactions.
  • It checks whether or not you are on secure website, at the time of making online payments.
  • It ensures whether or not your smartphone is rooted since, rooted phones are vulnerable to attacks that can cause extreme damage.

Gone are the times when phones were used simply for making & receiving calls. With the advancement in technology, smartphones today have become our handiest tool for shopping, banking, browsing, data storage, online transactions and every other need. Thus, leaving such an important device vulnerable to easy attacks by viruses, malware and spyware, could lead you to a damage beyond repair.

So, while this festive season you invest your time & money on buying a smartphone and using it for your day-to-day needs, it would be equally helpful to invest in a reliable mobile security solution like Quick Heal Total Security. This would only make your festivals more safe, secure & enjoyable!

Sushmita Kalashikar

Sushmita Kalashikar


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  1. Avatar Aarush Raghvan SinhaDecember 4, 2018 at 10:21 AM

    I heard it many times while studying that Android runs on UNIX/LINUX. And LINUX doesn’t require any antivirus.
    But there is requirement of Antivirus for Android Mobiles and Gadgets.
    Why so?

    • Sushmita Kalashikar Sushmita KalashikarDecember 4, 2018 at 12:16 PM

      Hi Aarush,

      Thank You for writing in. Basically, no platform/OS/Architecture/version is free from threat. It’s just that hackers usually target the ones that are more popularly used like Windows and Android.

      Even Mac is not safe, though it is comparatively less prone to threats because Apple releases patches periodically. Thus, Malware is everywhere, the difference is only about their percentage.