Fake Microsoft Security Essentials

We have analyzed few rogue security programs which displays fake Microsoft Security Essentials threat alerts.

When certain programs are launched then this FakeAV program displays a fake Security Essentials alert dialog.

If users closes this dialog box then it also terminates the program that it reports as a threat.
It claims as threat to the genuine programs including Internet Explorer and other common web browsers.

In order to clean these fake threat it claims that you need to install AV software.

It then installs fakeav “ThinkPoint” whcih comes after reboot the machine. After reboot user see the rogue’s “ThinkPoint”
GUI instead of your desktop. This Fakeav run its own scan and reports multiple threats messages and claims that you
need to buy the full version of the scanner to remove the threats.

Quick Heal Antivirus detects and removes this Fakeav programs successfully.

If your computer has been infected by this FakeAV then to terminate it’s process follow below instructions:

1> Click Settings on the ThinkPoint menu tab.

2> Check Allow unprotected startup.

3> Click Save settings.

You should now be able to close the rogue’s window and Windows Explorer will run.

4> Open a command prompt and type “taskkill /IM hotfix.exe” to kill Fakeav’s processes.

Pravesh Shinde

Pravesh Shinde

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