Fake income tax refund emails making rounds.

We have observed that cyber criminals are sending fake emails about tax refund. This is a latest cyber crime activity where they are trying to trap innocent users aimed at extracting bank details in the pretext of tax refund notification. The mails that you may receive about income tax refund is not sent by any government authorities as mentioned in the email.

Original text from the fraudulent email :

Dear Valued Taxpayer,

Read this message carefully and delete after submission of refund. We have reviewed your tax fiscal payments for previous months and your filed returns online, with this effect we have determined that you are eligible to get a tax refund of INR 40,135.50.

Please CLICK HERE and submit a confirmation refund request. NOTE: Refund cannot be made to account owner that submitted invalid account information Example, Typing in letter A instead of G which makes your information incorrect will totally disqualify owner from Tax Refund. We will make an additional investigation with your bank for wrong submission of information and get rid of such account with wrong information because we will take it that it was submitted by a wrong owner. Please also note that refund takes three weeks to get processed and refund to rightful owners account.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)

The website link in the email takes to the webpage aimed at collecting bank account details, user ID, password of the innocent users. This data will be immediately used by the cyber criminals to take money from your bank account.

We recommend not to respond to any such emails and not to click on the link in the email.

Sanjay Katkar

Sanjay Katkar

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