Fake “E-Set Antivirus 2011”

E-SET Antivirus 2011 is a fake computer security program distributed throughout the web through several sites. Formulated to mimic the design and functionality of legitimate security programs.

When E-Set Antivirus 2011 is installed it will be configured to start automatically when Windows starts. Once started it will perform a scan on your computer and when finished state that it is infected with a variety of malware. If you attempt to use the program to remove any of the malware it finds, though, it will state that you first need to purchase the program before it will remove anything. This is a complete scam as the scan results are all fake and many of the listed files are actually legitimate files that if removed could cause problems for your computer.

While E-Set Antivirus 2011 is running it will also display alerts and warnings that attempt to scare you into thinking your computer has a serious computer security problem. These alerts will state that personal information is being stolen, active malware has been found, or that you are using unlicensed software.

It look like the wrong doers are now stealing the name of a good application. It is quite easier to trick user by using name of a good application, so now onward user have to be more careful while browsing.

Users should download application from the companies website.


Anand Yadav

Anand Yadav

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