Facebook Scam – Play Mario Kart Game

A new Facebook Scam – “Play Mario Kart Game”, tries to deceive a viewer that anyone can play the Mario Kart game on Facebook. The scam says – “Play Mario Kart on Facebook with your Friends! Join the multiplayer mayhem NOW! Click here to play”.

When a viewer clicks the Play Now tab, it redirects him to a link and asks him to join the game.
When the viewer clicks on it to join, a message saying “Like it” automatically gets posted on that viewers Facebook wall. Simultaneously it asks the viewer to complete an online survey. Even after completing the survey, there is no sign of any game that can be played online.

This is how the scammer lures users and redirects them to certain specific websites.

The scammers goal is to drive more traffic towards certain sites since this is how he earns money in the form of commissions. Potentially, he can also spread malware and obtain personal information through the same method.
Please do not complete any online surveys and do not click on any such misleading and deceptive links.

Ranjeet Menon

Ranjeet Menon

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