Facebook Free T-shirt SPAM!

Spammers keep on using different techniques to hijack social networking accounts.

“Free Complimentary FB T-shirt” is observed to be the latest Facebook spam.
This spam posts an image on your profile when you are infected. This image is shown below:

You might notice that the link in the image is shortened in order to prevent the user from knowing where the link is leading him to.
These type of shortened links are dangerous. Clicking on the link takes you to the following pages:

As shown above, the link mines your personal information and spreads the message to your friends through status updates.
Your friends are further enticed to get a free t-shirt, eventually making this scam spread further.

And so, the cycle repeats.

It is also observed that this scam automatically ‘likes’ the status update of a friend who has been attacked by the same scam. In other words, the ‘inter-liking’ of status updates is convincing enough to magnetize your attention and force you to click on the link, but you’d be better off not clicking on it!

If you have accidentally clicked on such links we suggest you do the following:
– Update you credentials
– Remove fake application
– Remove fake “Like” from your wall
– Remove fake events

Vishal Dodke

Vishal Dodke

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