DOs and DON’Ts to stay safe from Ransomware (infographic)

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Unless you live in a cave, you would definitely know what is a ransomware. It is a malware that is keeping Internet users awake at nights and restless during the day. It does not strike with a warning, and when it does it does not leave without causing a catastrophe.

Ransomware is a malware that takes your data or computer hostage and demands a ransom in exchange. To put it in a little technical manner, once the malware infects a computer, it starts encrypting (converting data into an unreadable form) the stored data (images, videos, documents, music files, game files, etc.). This is followed by a ransom note where the victim is informed about the encryption and the ransom (money) they should pay to get back their data.

We have had bouts of ransomware attacks recently. After WannaCry, which was the biggest ransomware attack in history, we came across the latest Petya Ransomware. This post speaks about this malware in detail and also lists out important safety measures.

In this infographic, we have listed the important dos and don’ts to stay safe from ransomware.



Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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